Our Process

  • We partner with the largest retailers and brands to design, develop and manufacture cohesive product collections. Our specialty is on-trend graphics, translating this creativity to each of our client's unique markets and fulfillment criteria. We have an in-depth knowledge of global manufacturing and have a curated network of trusted vendors and suppliers.We meet our customer's complex logistics and compliance requirements.
  • We offer our clients concept to -completion partnership. Our business is built on custom products, yet we are able to extend this expertise to our new“Designed Collections.”These products feature the same great art and techniques and are ready for direct import.
  • Art & Design
    We know retail. We know trends. Our in-house design team can take a Concept and create a complete assortment, translating trends in just the right way for your customers.
  • Assortment Planning
    Let us help you maximize your selling space by designing complementary collections across product lines.
  • Prototypes & Sampling
    Good art has to been seen. We understand how critical a prototype is to this process so we provide production- quality mock-ups throughout the design and manufacturing process.
  • Safety Testing
    We never compromise on our commitment to safety and quality. We use the largest, most secure testing labs both in the USA and across Asia. Every Formation Brands product adheres to the most stringent safety requirements.
  • Production
    Once samples are approved, we monitor and carefully check every step 0f the production process to ensure your quality standards are upheld. We communicate with our clients to keep them informed on the exact status of their order.
  • Quality Inspection
    Our teams are on the ground working with the factories to ensure every order meets your quality standards and packing requirements. We spot check and re- check both during production and prior to shipment so it's always right, every time.
  • Freight Routing
    We work directly with your nominated freight forwarders overseas orthrough our own trusted partners. We can deliver FOB country of origin or all the way to your door and every possibility in between.
  • Customs Clearance
    If we handle the freight, you can be sure that our imports department will pre- clear your orders so that customs is smooth sailing and nothing gets lost in translation.
  • EDI Compliance
    We are fully EDI Compliant and will integrate seamlessly with your EDI network.
  • Repacking & Distribution
    We are happy to repack goods in the USA and prepare them for shipment to one or multiple distribution points. We know that every client is different and we are engineered to handle most any set of shipping requirements.
  • Delivery
    We succeed when great looking product is displayed well and flying off of the shelves. Let us help you make that a reality.